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Meet the Team - Sandy Ang

by Sandy Ang | November 7, 2011

Starting today we'll be introducing each member of our first Design Team.

Profile Photo (sepia)

I'm a forty-something living on the tropical island of Singapore. While I like to think I own a pet cat named Bun Bun, those close to us know he's the one who calls the shots in our relationship. My artistic inclination is inherited from my mom who painted water-colours. From my father, I've picked up the invaluable habit of taking an afternoon nap most days.

Craft Room

I craft in my basement scrap-room. As you can see I'm something of a neat-freak who has to have a completely clean desk when I start a project.



This layout of me and my sister is currently my favourite Ruby Rock-It creation. There are lots of childhood photos of us together but this picture is a rare one of the two of us grown-up. I was inspired by the quotation "Be to her virtues, very kind. Be to her faults a little blind" to scrap this layout.

Thank You (Crate)
My first love is cardmaking. I don't create in a particular style. Sometimes my cards are balanced and classic, and sometimes they go quirky and eclectic. Mainly I play with lines and shapes to produce layered, textural cards.

You make me Happy


Hope you'll come back tomorrow and meet - Sarah Hill.

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