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Mini Beaded Easter Basket

by Chez Mathieson | March 12, 2018
Mini Beaded Easter Basket

Hi this is Chez.... Today I present an Easter Keepsake with seed beads and bugles. It was fun and quick to make. Hope you enjoy this small offering for the Easter festive season....


Glass Seed Bead mix 12/0 Matt Gold, 3mm Silver Bugles.

15/0 Glass Seed Beads Crystal.

Needle and thread.



Place 4 gold beads on your needle like the image below. Here I stitched through 3 beads to secure the base.

The below image shows the second row with 1 bead stitched into each of the beads on the foundation row.

The below image shows the start of the 3rd row. Here we place 2 beads on the needle at a time. We are using Peyote to create a few rows and expand the base evenly. The second image shows how to do the step up to start the next row.


The next row is single bead placement. The image below shows this step.

The second image shows the completed row. The 3rd image shows a few rows worked and ending with single bead row.


Next is the start of the standing section. Here we place 2 beads on the needle and go through the one bead so it forms a ‘T’. You can see the working of this stitch from the images below. You will need to complete the row all the way round.


The image below shows the next row. Here we add 1x15/0, 1x bugle, 1x 15/0, 3x 12/0, 1x 15/0, 1x bugle and 1x 15/0. This is the pattern used to create the standing sides of the basket.

The second image shows the step across to get your beads on.


The completed row with bugles. Please note where the needle is placed. This is the start point for the next row.

You can see in the next image, it shows the needle going through the 3x 12/0 with no addition of extra beads. Complete the ring.


From this point we will change the stitch to Square stitch. The image below shows how to work your needle and beads to create the next row. You will be doing 3 rows of Square stitch.


In the next image there is a row of 15/0 placed between the beads of the last row.

The below image shows the edging that was used in this basket.

Come out of a 12/0 and place 5x15/0, 1x 12/0 and 5x 15/0. Place the needle in the 2nd 12/0 and bring the needle out of the last 15/0 that you put on. Just like the second image.


The next step is to place 4x 15/0, 1x 12/0 and 5x 15/0 and repeat the above steps to complete.

The image below shows the edge is nearly completed. The edge is not an even number so we have to adjust the pattern to suit. Here I placed the needle in the 15/0 and continued with the same thread on of beads but the last set of 15/0 meeds to be 4x 15/0 and you go through the first 15/0 that you started with. The 2nd image shows the completed row.


The below image shows the start of the handle. I have used the 2nd row of the 12/0 where the needle has come through 4 beads, place 1x 12/0, 1x15/0, 1x bugle, 1x 15/0 and 1x 12/0. When you have threaded the beads on go back through the 4 beads that you have used to start the handle. Bring your needle through all the beads you have just put on but not the 12/0 beads. 


The below images show how to attach the handle to the basket. From here place 1x 12/0 between each 12/0 that you put on in the previous row.


Here is the completed basket with an Easter Egg.

Hope you all have enjoyed the festive season and Happy Beading.... :)

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