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Mini Envelope Friendship Book

by Teresa Horner | March 9, 2018
Mini Envelope Friendship Book

This month is National Craft Month so what better chance do we have but to get our kids involved in it and create some fun projects and get them a little ahead with their skills for creating things for school too.  Ruby Rock-it has a brand new fun line of Unicorn papers and tags called Magic and Wonder.  I created an envelope mini book complete with adorable cards to tuck inside and add pictures and fun memories for a sweet little girls friendship photos or even a birthday!
And of course its decorated with lots of glitter and ribbons to fancy it up and make it super special.
To create this book you will need 7 envelopes and 7 cards.  You can use white like i did or match the colors with the paper if you have them.  Measure a piece of the pink heart paper in the set to fit around the envelopes just a little bit bigger and add about 1/2 inch on the side to fit all the envelopes into it.  It's just a simple cover so it's a great project for kids.

Then glue the envelopes to each other with the flaps making sure that they are straight.  This will make it easier to fold it like an accordion like you see above.  

Then glue the bottom one to the right side of the inside of the book like you see above so that the envelopes face to the right.  
Now you can add strips of the gorgeous unicorn papers to cover and decorate the envelope tops.  The inside cards you can add the tags that go with the Unicorn papers and maybe even a little glitter paper to make it gorgeous.  And then get out your Francheville glitter glue and add lots of glitter to everything to give it that magical sparkle like princesses and unicorns.  This is a great project to help your kids cut straight lines in their papers and mix and match colors.
Here are a few of the new colors of glitter glue that i used.  They come in two sizes and are easy to use just by squeezing a little onto all the places on your projects that need a little extra sparkle.  They are by Francheville and you can find them at your local Spotlight store... They have gorgeous colors so it was really hard to chose just a few.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have fun this month and don't forget to stop back later in the month for my Cookbook project.  It's another easy to do project to make with your kids so hope you drop by.

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