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Modern Vintage Crystal Jewellery Set

by Melody Gillespie | August 21, 2017
Modern Vintage Crystal Jewellery Set

Hi everyone, it’s Melody here - welcome to my bead blog! These beautiful beads were my inspiration today and I have created a three piece vintage crystal jewellery set with a bit of a modern twist.

I love them - these beads are pure glamour and the colour is phenomenal! All of the many facets shimmer and change catching the light with every movement; they are just gorgeous to work with.

As they make quite a statement all on their own, I was careful about what I matched these beads with - I was really conscious that too much bling in a three piece set can be a little overwhelming and I wanted elegance & simplicity.


After trying a few colour combinations and bead styles I chose a simple palette and basic beading pattern throughout allowing these amazing crystal teardrop beads to be the standout focal point of this whole design.

The bracelet is a simple two bead pattern, AB Crystal teardrops spaced with diamante rondelles. Although it would have been nice as an elasticised bracelet, I went with a jewellery wire for the strength and stability. I also left a few millimetres of wire free at the clasp to allow the bulky shape of the beads to sit nicely when curved around the wrist.


The earrings, although not AB crystal, have the same colouring as the teardrop beads and I tied these into the main pattern with the simple addition of a diamante rhondelle at the top of the drop. 


Instead of going with an old school wholly beaded crystal necklace, to modernise this set, I created a simple bar pendant with a dainty silver chain. 

Allowing the natural beauty of each individual bead to shine in your work is an important part of designing - sometimes simplicity can be a good thing.

These beads entrance the eye - worn as a set, or one piece at a time they will make a statement.  Jewellery sets are fun to make and this set has encouraged me to learn a bit more about balancing the design elements so each piece works harmoniously with the next.


Happy Beading - hope you enjoy your next project!


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