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Mother's Day for my sister...

by Carrie Walz | May 11, 2012

Good morning!  Over the weekend we had a blog hop. I did a tri fold card for my mom and wow, I got such a wonderful response I thought I would make another one for my sister and give you all the instructions on how to make this card for yourself...I hope you enjoy...


First you are gonna start with a a piece of cardstock...cut it to 5 1/2 x 12. You are then going to score along the 11 inch side at 2; 4, 8, 10 inches.


Then from the 8 1/2 inch side put your base at the 1 3/4 inch mark. Carefully cut from the 2 inch mark down to the 10 inch mark. Flip and repeat on the other side.


Now re-fold at the score lines but here's the "key" part. You are going to push the first valley fold outward (only in the center) and the second mountain fold inward. Ta-da! A tri-shutter card base. Close the card and use a bone folder to make the creases crisp.
6. Embellish to your liking.


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