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Monday Blues | The Next Adventure

by Alicia Barry | September 22, 2015
Monday Blues | The Next Adventure
My family and I have just packed up and moved half way across the world from Australia to America. We arrived with just our suitcases, while the rest of our belongings will follow along in a shipping container. Thing is that will take at least 6 weeks to arrive. Meanwhile, we are living a bit of a camping lifestyle, with mattresses on the floor and camp chairs as our only furniture. 
This means no scrap desk, and no supplies, other than what I could stuff in my suitcase (yes, clothes were sacrificed for this).  
So, for my project today, I have gone back to basics. All I had to work on for this was the new Bella! Graduation mini kit, a sheet of cardstock, a pack of Gelatos and some white tissue paper. I did relent and get some Gesso when I got here (How good is Amazon same day delivery!!!).  
Here's what I came up with. I mixed some Gelatos with water and flicked it across the page to extend the spotted pattern in the paper. I created texture with tissue paper and Gesso, plus some untwisted twine. 

The rest of the layout was created with elements from the mini kit.

 Although this is a graduation kit, I was able to isolate certain elements from the kit and use it for a first day of school layout.

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