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Mother's Day Necklace | Tutorial

by Chez Mathieson | April 10, 2017
Mother's Day Necklace | Tutorial

Ocen Inspired Freeform Bead Embroidered Heart Necklace

Just Bead It have so many amazing beads, it's so hard to choose which ones to use.  I decided to go with colours insired by the beautiful ocean.  Today I want to share with you my gorgeous Mother's Day necklace design and if you're feeling inspired, you can follow my tutorial and make one for your mum (or for yourself).  If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below.  Enjoy!

A list of ingredients:

Glass Seed Bead Hank JB149

Amazonite Bead Strand JB126

Glass Bead Strand JBZ19

Resin Bead Strand JBX52

Ceramic Bead Strand JBZ28

Iron a few layers of interfacing together to get a thicker base to stitch into. Draw a heart on some interfacing. This can be any type of heart.

It helps to place the larger beads first and take a picture for future reference. 

Thread the needle with a nylon thread and begin to place beads. The start here is in the middle of the heart, just as a reference point.

Then place your largest beads on first. This is the formation of the freeform heart design. 

The next layer of beads are the next biggest. Place these where they fit in your design. The nature of freefrom is to experiment with placement and create a vast array of designs.

Place small stacks of beads on by threading the number required plus one. This is covering the base and to give the design dimension.

When finished with your beading it is time for cutting it away.  Make sure you leave enough around the edge to bead and do not cut any of your already worked thread.

You will now cut the backing fabric for the bead work. In this case I am using felt, you can use any non-fraying fabric you like. The backing fabric is cut to the same shape as the bead work. Glue the 2 pieces together making sure not to put glue around the edge, or even close to the edge. This glue is used to hold your pieces together. The next step with hold it firmly. 

I will now take you through a 3 bead edge. This is what I am using to edge the heart and to bind the 2 parts together. This adds even more dimension to the heart. 

As the name suggests you will be working with 3 beads per pass. Keep working with 3 beads until you have completed the edge. We start to go back through the beads now but in this instance we go through the bead that sits beside each other. 

Neckwear is in a Peyote Band. I used a 6 bead start. I don’t use a stop bead, I use tension to hold the start beads in place. Leave a long tail for rethreading and finishing.

This means you put on 3 beads per row. The above image is the start row and the first bead in the new row it is creating. These beads are put on one at a time from here on.  

Continue to do peyote till you have the desired length. This works up very quickly with size 8 beads. 

To neaten up the ends of the band I do some odd peyote to get a tapering of the band.

I now add the Ceramic Starfish to create the toggle section and the embelishments on the open ends of the peyote band.

Once the band is complete I start to embellish the edge. Start with a large bead and stitch the large bead into every second opening.

When you have completed the whole edge come back through the large bead and add a silver bead and go straight into the next large bead and stitch with a seed bead straight into the next large bead. Continue to alternate the silver bead and seed bead until you have completed the edge.

Doing this technique you will have a lovely curve to follow the neck line.

It is now time to create the two rings the Starfish will slip into and create the clasp/closure so one can wear it with pride. I mirror the two rings. I use the top of the Heart edge to create these rings.

Now it is most important to re-inforce the two ring as they are carrying the weight of the heart. I do go through the rings ten or more times. That is the beauty of size 8 beads they have big holes.

The finished Mother’s Day Necklace.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this creation as much as I have enjoyed designing and creating with these wonderful beads.

Just Bead It beads are awesome, fantastic colours and fun to work with. All one needs is an imagination and your bead collection will blossom.

Wishing you a creative and inspired day…..


Happy Beading!


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