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Oceans are for Dreaming

by Melody Gillespie | May 1, 2017
Oceans are for Dreaming

Hi, it’s Melody here! I have been spending some time by the sea of late and today’s necklace is probably a bit of a reflection of that ...full of a calming turquoise blues and gorgeous sea greens. 

The combination of turquoise and silver is classic and timeless - they just compliment each other beautifully.

Full of different textures and shapes this necklace is a little eclectic. I just love the detail in the large filigree beads so once I had gathered together my inspiration beads - I decided to use those as my main focal point of the design.

As it is a beautiful belly length necklace, I used a few distinct beading patterns to create subtle variances throughout the piece. I also brought in a couple of colours to add soft highlights in different sections of the design. 

Needless to say, (as always!!) I threaded and rethreaded a few times in trying to find the pattern that I liked. Working on long necklaces, I tend to start from the middle and do one side at a time - this means I can play around to sort out the design and then copy the other half - which saves me rethreading the whole length each time I change my mind.

I also personally find that a mobile phone or digital camera is a fantastic tool when you are developing different beading patterns. In the midst of all your threading and rethreading it is so quick to take a picture and a great way to grow a library of designs - which is very handy when you are trying to recreate a similar piece or of course, find some inspiration for your newest beads!

I added a clasp and an extender chain to finish this piece, although they’re not needed for a necklace of this length, it makes it more versatile and it can now be worn in a couple of ways; As a long single strand necklace; doubled up as a dual length necklace or wrapped around as a lavishly beaded bracelet - a wonderful piece of jewellery to travel with.

So of luck with your beading - remember to take some time and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Just Bead It Supplies:

JBI79 - Silver Filigree Ball Beads

JBI49 - Large Turquoise Seed Beads

JBI17 - Multi Colour Turquoise Small Seed Beads

JBI93 - Silver Disc Spacer Beads

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