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Pearls and Gold Jewellery Set

by Chez Mathieson | November 27, 2017
Pearls and Gold Jewellery Set

These JBH beads from Just Bead It, are just awesome to work with. This striking gold and pearl neckwear and matching earrings will add elegance to any outfit.


JBH19, JBH41, JBH57,JBH64, JBH72.

Gold tiger tail, gold crimps, 2 head pins and 2 gold ear hooks.



We will start with the stringing here. Get your tigertail and start stringing on the beads in a pattern. I start with the back and go around and finish at the back. You can string this from the centre out but this is heavy so I would not cut your tigertail till you have finished the stringing section.

The above image shows how the neckwear looks when it has all been strung on. Notice the extra beads on one side! Cut your tigertail to length and a little extra.

From this point you take 6 to 8 beads off each side and start to place your crimps. Re-string the beads you have removed with the insertion of your crimp beads. 

The above image shows what the extra beads were for. From here you run the tigertail through the beads and go past the last crimp bead on each side and a few extra beads. Don’t miss any beads or the crimp beads.

When the re-stringing is completed, you take your crimp tool and crimp the crimp beads.

When the neckwear has been secured cut the extra tigertail. Your neckwear is now finished.


The following set of images show a step by step guide to creating your earrings. The last step is to attach the ear hooks. This is done by opening the ring at the bottom of the ear hook and placing the top of your earing onto the ear hook ring, then close the ring that you have opened on the ear hook.





Here is the finished project.  A stunning gold and pearl jewellery set.  A perfect gift idea for Christmas.  Until next time, happy beading!!

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