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Pink Elle Earrings by Chez

by Chez Mathieson | September 11, 2017
Pink Elle Earrings by Chez

Hi this is Chez... These beads made me feel so much better. You know those sort of weeks that surprise you... LOL I am very happy to be up on deck after losing my laptop. I hope you will enjoy this gorgeous bright Pink Elle Earring set that I created for you.


JBZ01Glass Bead strand. Small Pink Beads

JBZ95 Glass Bead strand. Larger Pink Beads

JBI66 Alloy Bead Strand. Elephant

JBI96 Dyed Howlite Bead strand. Black Spikes

Wire, Ear hooks.


Cut two 15cm pieces of wire. You will do this step for both sets of earrings.

The above image shows the tools needed to complete the earrings. In the second image I started with an eye at the end of each wire.

Thread your beads on in pattern like the image below.


The above images show how to bend the wire you are using in two different ways. The first set of earrings are pushed into a circle with the remaining wire being used for the top ring and bling. With the second earrings you have a half moon shape with an eye at each end.

After you have secured the two sets you have to put the ear hooks on, then they are complete.


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