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Pink Passion Necklace

by Chez Mathieson | January 29, 2018
Pink Passion Necklace

Hi this is Chez.... Greeting and Salutations.... Today I present Pink Passion.... Great fun to make and to wear this neck adornment.


12/0 Glass Seed Beads Metallic Pink

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Rose

JBZ01, JBZ95 Glass Beads

JBI62, JBI93 Round Metal Beads

Lampwork Bead. Flat black leather. Chain. Clasp.

Needle and thread. Pliers. Jump Rings.


Take you flat leather strip and place your focal and beads in the centre. Just like the image below.

We are working with the large silver balls, make to the desired length. To do this just thread on an equal amount of beads on each side of the focal. In the image below you can see that nine beads a side was used.

Knot the leather close to the last bead added on both sides, just like in the image above.


These three images show one how to attach the chain. The first image shows what the end of the leather looks like completed. The next image is showing the one link in the chain that has been slipped over the folded leather.  The third image shows how the chain is slipped through the gap created in the second image. You will need to do the same on the other side as well.

From here you can put the clasp on the other end of the chain. It is done this way so that one can work the rest of the design on the bust. Just like the image below.

The above image is showing more chain being added with a jump ring, you do the same on the other side. With the jump rings being on the inside of the chain so that it sits in the centre with ease.

The above image shows the jump ring connection. (I left it slightly open for the purpose of the demonstration).


The above images show the next lot of chain being added. With this chain I opened the link of chain at the end and put the flat leather inside the link and then closed said link.

Now it is needle and thread time.... 


These images above show the needle and thread coming through the leather, picking up of the chain and the first bead being added. 


The above images show the pattern of beads that were used to bind the leather ends. When one has completed the chain n bead section on one side, one starts the seed bead work.

The above image shows the threaded pattern for the centre.


Attach to the other chain.

The above image shows how to add to the seed bead section. 3 Drop Peyote.


You can see above how to do 3 Drop. 


Here is one side completed in 3 Drop.

You may have noticed that the other side had not been worked...... Here is how it was completed. It was worked in reverse of the first side.

This side is almost completed. From the above image one just has to add more pretty beads to pick up the tail of the leather and work it into the chain with beadz.

Here it is completed... woohoo... it was a blast to work with the wonderful beads from Just Bead It... I hope you have a world of fun creating your own version.......


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