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Please welcome our guest designer: Sharon Rowland

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | July 29, 2013


What a fun time of the month...we are thrilled to introduce to you, our GUEST DESIGNER:





Here's what she would like to share...

I have been crafting since I was a small child.  I was always drawn to paper, glitter, fabric and anything shiny.  In grade school I did a lot of collage work.  Later I discovered I enjoyed creating on a small scale.  The greeting card size really served me well as a small palette.  Over the years I have continued to make so many cards I needed to start selling them.  I sell my cards in a few small shops around Portland, Oregon as well as to friends and co workers and of course I mail many cards out to friends.  I find that snail mail communication is a lost gem.  Who doesn't enjoy getting a hand written card in the mail.  Especially a handmade one!





The supplies I used for my cards were:

Here's her blog with more of her amazing work, stop by and give her some Ruby Rock-it love!

Thank you, Sharon!


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