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by June Goh | April 8, 2014

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Welcome back RRBF fans. Today's post is all about pocket pages. Ruby Rock-it has launched the Empire Babe collection which is perfect for parents to be, babies and family photos.


I love how easy they are to use. I have been putting off scrapping the photos of my first born. It was way before I started scrapbooking and to go through old photos just seemed like a daunting task. That is until pocket pages came along. I found that if I kept to only certain pocket designs, things were rather simple. Just print the photos, pick the cards and slot them into the pockets.


To make the cards your own, just add a little extra like what I've done below and it becomes your own special pocket cards.




Essence :: Memory Documenting System - Empire Babe

Essence :: Collection Paper - Empire Babe


Happy Crafting



Happy Crafting!

Essence East Coast memory documenting system

East Coast papers

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