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Re-Purposed Container Circle Album

by Becky Olsen | March 9, 2013

Do you remember this tutorial where we re-purposed a container by decorating it with some fabulous paper and embellishments from the Cook Collection?

I thought it would be fun to make a mini album that would fit inside this cute can using more of that delish paper from the Cook Collection :)

Outside of Container

This is what it looks like inside the can,

Inside of Container

and this is what it looks like when it is taken out.

Front of album pages

It is made by cutting circles that are just a bit smaller than the circumference of the container from the patterned paper and then matting with some basic black cardstock for the pictures.

Bing Cherries

The fun thing about an album like this is you can keep adding pages very easily that go with the theme, just cut a few more circles and thread through the ribbon tying it all together.

Ranier Cherries

The wonderful thing about using the container as the storage for the album is that you can add fun bulky textures and mementos and then won't get lost from being handled or stored unprotected.

Back of album pages

This was a really fun way to put together some pics from a birthday that I hadn't yet scrapped because there were so many of them, but I didn't want to try and squeeze them onto a two page layout. 

Thanks for dropping by, and happy crafting!


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