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Rebecca's December Tradition

by rebeccak | December 5, 2011

My favorite part about the holidays is celebrating traditions -- past and present. I love remembering the ways I celebrated the holidays as a child and continuing those traditions with my own family as well as starting new ones of our own. I remember baking cookies with my Mom all day long until we were exhausted and covered with dough and flour. I remember my Dad cutting a piece of the christmas tree trunk and covering it with shellac so I could save it. One of my favorite traditions started when I was a baby. My parents bought me a new ornament for the tree each year.

When I had a home of my own, they sent me all the ornaments for my tree and continued to send yearly ornaments.

Now that I have kids of my own, we buy each of them an ornament each year so when they have homes of their own they will have plenty of ornaments to decorate their trees. Have a wonderful tradition filled holiday season!

:) Rebecca

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