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Round Gift Box Tutorial

by Becky Olsen | August 7, 2012

I loved the little round gift box that I shared in my last post, so I thought it would be a fun tutorial to share, I hope some of you will find it useful!! (or at least inspiring!)

RB box final close

To make this project I used the Bella "Two Hearts" range, it has a luscious metallic glow in the paper and the designs are very elegant.

I used a Spellbinders 3 3/4" circle die to cut two circles, but any circle cutter will work. 

RB 1

After your circles are cut, use a die that is about 1/4" smaller in circumference and trace around.

RB 2

After both circles are traced, place them onto a soft surface like a mouse pad and use a stylus to trace along the pencil lines to score a circle. Apply gentle pressure as you score so as not to perforate the paper. Repeat on other circle.


Use scissors to snip 1/8"-1/4" sections into the edge of the circle. Repeat for other circle.

RB 5

Fold edges toward center of circle, letting the sections overlap. Cut a 2" section of patterned paper and place double sided adhesive tape along edge that will be on the bottom half of the container.

RB 6

Pull back small sections of tape at a time and apply edge of paper to trimmed sections of circle. Gently and firmly press adhesive, making sure to keep the circle edge lined up with the strip edge. Finish edges by applying double sided tape to edge of paper, remove protective paper and press into place.

RB 7

For the top of the box punch the edge of the paper strip with your punch of choice. Apply double sided adhesive tape and repeat the application to the edge of the circle.

RB 8

Decorate top as desired and then insert bottom of the container into the top. I noticed that because my circles were the same size I needed to bend and manipulate the paper gently to get them into place, but the hold is really good with no slippage. Place the gift or goodies into the bottom, put lid in place, adhere cute gift tag (if desired) and it is ready to wow!

RB box final

A matching card is a wonderful thing to include if you are giving as a gift...

Love card

Love card close

I know that if this were given to me, I would be giddy! And using the container as a favor for showers or parties is a great option for impressing guests!

Thanks for stopping in and letting me share my love for paper play!


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