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Ruby Rock-it Design Team.......Spotlight on Alicia

by Donna Baxter | February 12, 2017
Ruby Rock-it Design Team.......Spotlight on Alicia

Welcome to the Spotlight on our Ruby Rock-it Design Team series.  Our talented and inspirational team bring us amazing projects each and every week so we thought it was about time our Ruby Rock-it audience got to learn more about the faces behind the talented projects.  

This month, please welcome the lovely Alicia Barry....

How would you describe your style?

Dimensional, multi layered, floral

How long have you been Scrapbooking? 

More than 15 years

How did you get into Scrapbooking?

I saw a scrapbooking magazine that caught my eye, and I decided that it would be something that I could do.

What are the main sources of your inspiration when scrapbooking/crafting?

Patterned paper, my children.

What are your favourite Ruby Rock-it collections and why?

I love Heritage.  I love the floral and the pretty pink colours. 

Share a pic of one of your most favourite pieces of work

What are the best three words that describe who you are?

Creative, loyal, hard working.

What two things do you plan to tick off your bucket list in 2017?

I really want to go on another Disney Cruise. We also plan to go to Canada. 

What is your favourite quote or saying?

Everything happens for a reason.

Share a tip or technique that you swear by.

Use foam dots between layers to create dimension.

Best piece of advice you could give to someone

Take your time

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Alicia.  She'll be back for another chat soon.  Next month we'll be getting up close and personal with the talented Beck BT.  So stayed tuned!

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