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Showing off with Bella!

by Alicia Barry | September 11, 2013

My little man is in prep this year (first year of school), and it seems like every day he is bringing home another drawing or painting or piece fo writing. Every single piece is of course precious...especially to him, but I can't possible keep all of them on display, all of the time, so stick around while I show you how to make your own little gallery display for your little person to show off their latest matserpiece, making them feel very special. They can even help you to make it themselves.

Step 6

Start with a canvas. Any size you like. Cut diagonal lines from corner to corner with an xacto knife. Wrap each of the remaining flaps around the frame of your canvas, secure with a staple gun, and cut away any excess. You will see that there are exposed parts in the corners. Paint over them with gesso, and we will disguise the rest soon.


Step 1

Stretch some thin, strong wire across your canvas securing with a staple gun. You can space this however you like.


Step 2

Take some small wooden pegs and ink to suit your theme. Hint: remove the metal spring to make this much easier. They will slide straight back on. Once dry, adhere a small icon from the "Words to go" packet to the front of the pegs along with some tied twine. Arrange these along the wire. You and your little artist can move them around whenever necessary.


Cut some strips fromthe patterned papers and concertina fold them to create rosettes. Adorn the front with a fussy cut icon from the patterned pages. Adhere these to the top corner of the frame to hide the raw edge.

Step 3

Arrange some fussy cut banner pieces and chipboard pieces from the "Shapes to go" packet to create a title on the top left and bottom right of the frame. 

STep 5

Step 4

Wrap some brightly coloured twine around the remaining raw edges of the frame

There you have it. So easy, even the kids could try it.

Supplies used:

Bella Boutique School Days Inspiration kit

Bella Boutique School Days Words to go

Bella Boutique School days Shapes to go


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Alicia Barry 

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