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Sparkle and Shine

by Melody Gillespie | May 15, 2017
Sparkle and Shine

Hi, it’s Melody - hope your beading is going well! I have been busy working with this gorgeous collection of glittery beads and have created a simple statement necklace with a little bit of bling!

I am in love with the texture and dark glamour of this piece and the slightly gothic feel. Colourwise, I only used  five shades of grey .... well technically three shades of grey, a couple of silvery tones and a hint of black but, I’m pretty happy with the results. This one took me quite a while - you know when you have one of those days? 


I started out, same as always with a mass of inspiration beads and had decided to make a stacked bracelet; however, things did not go as planned. On the third row in as you can see in the picture above, I realised that the large beads were not actually designed for small curves and would not work well on the wrist.

So, I decided that a simple statement necklace would be equally suited to this style of beading and away I went. I personally like to bead on a surface that has a ledge, or on a large flat dish (hopefully) to prevent spills or to catch beads if I drop them. Generally this works well, but unfortunately for me, not this time. I spent quite a bit of time today picking beads out of 1970’s style carpeting... so I must, through experience highly recommend that you clear your desk or workspace before you start!

Once I had collected them all again... (!!!) I began experimenting with different patterns. After a few designs I decided that faceted beads worked best for the length of the necklace. Facets work well in glamorous pieces as they catch the play of light so beautifully. To add contrast, I arranged a few different textures throughout and just played around until I was happy with the look of it.


As the shapes of the beads are all quite intricate, I really tried to stick to a simple beading pattern to allow the large glitter beads make their own statement as the centrepiece of the design. To compliment and highlight all of that texture, I specifically introduced some ultra smooth and shiny elements. The bright silver also brings some of those higher tones in, to balance out the darker shades of the other beads.

Versatility is a great thing to have in any piece of jewellery, by adding a short extender chain to the clasp, this necklace can be adjusted to suit a range of necklines and styles. 

Hope this has inspired you to bring some sparkle and shimmer into your bead work!! Till next time...


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