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Spotlight on Raelene | Ruby Rock-It Designer

by Donna Baxter | May 13, 2019
Spotlight on Raelene | Ruby Rock-It Designer

We are super excited to welcome Raelene to the Ruby Rock-It Design team.  Raelene brings with her a plethora of craft experience and inspiration.  Today we are shining the spotlight on our newest designer, to learn more about her creative style, what inspires her and what it takes to be a good designer.  

How would you describe your style? 

I love all styles so I am not sure what my style is.  Lately my focus has been on play - playing with my supplies and photos until I have something I love.  This has resulted in a reduction in creative block and oddly can be a quicker scrap.  I start by gathering everything I may want to use including preparing any die cuts and pre-cutting papers into smaller more workable pieces and then I just play.   So I guess my style is play combined with a memory keeping focus.

How long have you been papercrafting? 

I started in June 2005 so 14 years.

How did you get into it?

I had just had my third child and everyone was saying how much he looked like my second child and she asked to see her newborn photos.  When I got out the photobox I had bought from a specialist photography store to keep my older kids photos in, I discovered all but 1 of her newborn photos had faded away.  I was so upset.  The next day I was walking past the local CWA hall and there was a sign saying “Scrapbooking Here Today” so I walked in and asked if they could teach me to preserve what photos I have left.

What are the main sources of your inspiration when creating your projects? 

I love scrolling Pinterest and watching YouTube videos but while I have many Pinterest boards for scrapbooking that are very full and subscribe to many scrapbookers on YouTube, many blogs and am in a lot of groups.  I love seeing what others do with products but when it comes time to scrap I just play.  I let the photos, memory and/or supplies inspire me most of the time.   I am sure things I have seen on Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Blogs influence my mind in the background but when I am creating most of the time I am letting the photos, memories and supplies inspire me.

Share a pic of one of your most favourite pieces of work (or share a few)

This is my Childhood Christmas Memories album.  I have a series of videos on it.  As I don’t have photos from Christmas as a kid I decided to Google image search for the tree we had, decorations we had, places we went, etc and found a Little Golden Book that I think I had as a kid and upcycled it into a album.  This has allowed me to record my Childhood Christmas Memories for my children so it is one of my favourite projects.  Here is a link to the playlist in case you wish to see it.

I love this layout of my daughter that I did for a scrapbooking challenge.  It was my first mixed media layout that I really loved.

This one that is about documenting my journey post facial reconstruction was very empowering to do.  I absolutely love it.

I love this layout I created to document photos of my daughter when she volunteered for the first time to fundraise for Starlight Children’s Foundation.

I love this layout I did of my daughter for a challenge.

And finally.....this would have to be one of my most favourite layouts due to the significance of it.  The emotions I were feeling at the time - that something so beautiful was created due to something so awful being said, makes it very special to me.

Name a crafting tool/product you can’t live without. 

My 12 inch trimmer.  I was in a car accident and damaged my hands so cutting with scissors can be very painful and the weakness I have means what I cut with scissors is really wobbly.  A 12 inch trimmer means I can cut straight and get creative.  I don’t think I would have embraced scrapbooking as much as I did if I hadn’t bought a trimmer after my first class.

Share a tip or technique that you swear by. 

For me it has to be pre-cutting my papers into random sizes ready for layers. It is such a time saver and takes a bit of the design stress out of the equation. 
And if having a creative block just stick something down, even just a strip of washi tape or a strip of paper.  Getting that first cut done or that first piece stuck down can be a great way to get creating when having a creative block.

What does it take to be a good designer? 

I think everyone is a good designer so I guess the most important thing is doing what you love and playing with the supplies you love.

What’s the best thing about being part of a design team? 

A huge motivator for starting work as a tutor back in 2006 was my want and need to share my love of scrapbooking.   I love being on a design team as they are about sharing that love of craft that I value so much.

What do you like to do in your spare time? (Apart from crafting of course?) 

Just recently we started playing DND, I am really enjoying this form of story telling and loving exploring it with my husband, children and friends.

What are your five top passions in life? 

My family.  Awareness raising (Rare diagnosis, chronic pain, disability, etc).  Disability rights and human rights advocacy and protection.  The environment.  Being a nerd I love a wide range of sci-fi and fantasy including a new interest in cosplay and playing DND.

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?   

I had a few I was interested in.  Police Officer, Therapist, Architect and Accountant.

What is your favourite quote or saying? 

It is hard to choose a favourite, but so many of my favourites come from Dr Who.  “I have never met anyone who isn’t important” is a really wonderful quote but there are just so many fantastic quotes.  I think I gravitate to Dr Who quotes as they tend to not be toxic positivity like many quotes these days.

Best piece of advice you could give to someone. 

This one is hard as it depends on the person but I guess a bit of general advice that relates to scrapbooking is record memories in any format that suits you.  Print those photos, store them in multiple places.  If elderly relatives have photos get copies.  I have 15 photos from my childhood due to what occurred with photo albums Mum had shortly before she passed, there is no way to predict when something could happen to someone’s photos.  Therefore multiple  people having copies is a great way to have a extra back up. The cloud is great but if someone dies you may not be able to access their cloud.

Where is your ideal destination and why?   

Khankoban as it was the last joint family holiday my family did with my best friend’s family.  The memories may be faint but they are so precious to me, so I want to share this place with my kids.

What motivates you in life? 

My children and the need for us to make society and the world better for them.

What are the best three words that describe YOU? 
Passionate, loyal and scatterbrained due to my brain fog.

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