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Spring Ear Bling

by Chez Mathieson | April 9, 2018
Spring Ear Bling

Hi this is Chez.... Greeting for the new season where ever you may be. Today I created a pair of earrings with a touch of bling with the wonderful beads from Just Bead It.... I hope you enjoy creating ...


JBH04 - Stone Bead Strand

JBI19 - Dyed Howlite Bead Strand Arrow - Turquoise

Wire and wire working tools

Commercial Hooks.


Cut 2 pieces of wire longer than required, these were cut to 15cm length in the image below.

This wire is 24g 0.5mm diameter Stainless Steel.

It is time to thread on your Spike and leave some wire so you can make a small circle to finish off.

Here is a progress shot of the small circle holding the spikes. It is advised to work both wires so that they finish at the same time and they will be the same.

The wire has been turned in a U shape to get it to go back to being pointing straight or in-line.

The above image shows the threading of the beads for this design. Now that you have your design, it is time to cut to length what is remaining of the wire. About 7cm was cut from these earrings. You will need to form the top ring next. The image below shows them completed.

Make sure the top rings face the right direction for you design. You will now need your ear hooks.

Your ear bling is now complete... Hope you enjoyed this quick blog... Enjoy your day where ever you may be....


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