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Spring Flowering Neckwear

by Chez Mathieson | July 10, 2017
Spring Flowering Neckwear

Hi this is Chez.  Welcome to July.  Although it may not be spring here in Australia as yet, this gorgeous neckwear is inspired by the mauve spring flowerings that grow along the white trellis in my garden every year.

Are you up for the challenge and  want to recreate this stunning masterpiece?  Then follow my tutorial below and prepare to be inspired!



JBZ56 Glass Seed Bead Hank, JBQ10 Glass Bead Strand, JBI79 Alloy Bead Strand, JBI86 Alloy Bead Strand, JBZ18 Glass Bead Strand, JBZ25 Glass Bead Strand, JBZ71 Glass Bead Strand, JBQ69 Glass Bead Strand. Commercial magnetic clasp and 2 jump rings. 





The above images show step by step how to achieve the units that make the  base of this piece.

It is worked in sets of three beads. The start is six white seed beads, stitch the six beads together as shown, then add nine white seed beads to form a ring, stitch into the bottom three beads and pick up one focal bead which you stitch on in a figure of eight stitch path usiing the last nine beads added. Come out the three beads that form the edge to be added to, and add three beads. From here you can create the length you require. In this case I have used fifteen units before I do the turn. The images are below.


The above images show how-to do the turn and add another fourteen more units.


These images show how the length was added to the netting to create the length of the necklace. 


The above images show how-to edge the top of the netted necklace section.

This image shows you leave off the two seed beads and help to make the point.

As you come to the other side you place the other length of beads on to complete the length.

The next step is below.



The above images show how-to do the round of pickets, with the main focus being on the center section.


These above images show the next row after the picket row.

The set of images below show how-to add the fringing.




When the second round of fringing is completed you do your clasp.

The Finished Product

And there you have it.  I hope I have been able to inspire you to give this beautiful neckwear a go.   Please feel free to send me any questions you may have.  

Thank you for catching up with me on the blog today.  Stay tuned for some more of my creative beading projects.  Until then, have a great week everyone.  Happy Beading!

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