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Spring has Sprung | Colourful Neckwear by Chez

by Chez Mathieson | September 25, 2017
Spring has Sprung | Colourful Neckwear by Chez

Hello this is Chez.... Today I have a colourful necklace to share with you.   This is a wonderful statement piece featuring the gorgeous Just Bead It beads... I hope you like it!


JBH18 - Stone and Zinc Alloy Bead 

JBH32 - Glass Bead

JBH40 - Zinc, Alloy and Clay Bead

JBQ07 - Bicone Glass Bead Light Yellow

JBQ89 - Fire Polished Glass Bead Gold Champagne

JBX44 - Glass Faceted Rondelle 

JBX59 - Glass Cube String Black

JBX68 - Glass Faceted Rondelle Black

Headpins and eye pins, chain and a commercial clasp.



Deconstruction is the first step. We will be deconstructing JBH40. Take it apart using bent nose pliers. JBH18 will be left and have it all hanging from this strand.

Here the centre part is added so you can work the sides.

Then start on the sides.

The image above shows all the sides and the start of the centre.

Here two eye pins have been used to attach to the lower part of the Brown bead. The eye pins are on both sides of the centre.

The above image shows one side of the completed neckwear.

The second side is shown in this image above.

Add chain and toggle to complete.

And here is the finished masterpiece.  I hope you enjoyed my blog post this week.  I look forward to catching up with you all next time!

Cheers Chez


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