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Spring Surprise Neckwear

by Chez Mathieson | August 14, 2017
Spring Surprise Neckwear

Hello it's Chez today on the blog… I had the best time making this fun and quick neckwear inspired by our up and coming Spring season.  The beads are just adorable to work with.  I absolutely love the vibrant reds and golds that have been used with hints of black seed beads to finish off this statement piece.   


JBH03 Red Glass Bead Strand 8"

JBH10 Red Glass Bead Strand 2 x 8" 

JBH73 Red Glass Bead Strand 8" 

JBQ45 Faceted Rice Glass Bead

JBQ58 Fire Polished Glass Bead

JBX75 Glass Faceted Bead

JBI70 Seed Bead Hank Black



Thread your beads onto your tigertail. Do not cut your tigertail untill you have finished threading your beads on. Place your crimps and thread on your clasp. Thread back through your beads and crimps. When the neckwear is tight enough, crimp your crimp beads with a crimp tool, cut excess tigertail. The above images show the process so far.







The above images show how-to do the seed work and focal section on this neckwear. Once you have completed both sides of seed work re-inforce all your stitch work.

And here is your finished product.  Simply stunning!  Happy Beading…. Hope you are inspired to JUST BEAD IT……

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