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TUTORIAL | Stepper Card with a Twist! - Pattie Beltran

by Pattie B. | February 8, 2013

Hi everyone!  Pattie here with a tutorial on how to make a card with the ever fabulous stepper card base by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals, with a twist. I'm hoping that you are familiar with the Fundamentals range of card making supplies.  If not, you are in for a treat!  Fundamentals (one of the divisions of Ruby Rock-It bella! Fundamentals) has a huge range of beautiful, innovative card making supplies.  One of my favorites being the card bases.  The paper is a wonderful, heavy weight card stock that is so easy to work with and alter if you choose to. 

Here is the card that I made:

And here is a picture of what it looks like when it is open:

Pretty neat, right?  So here is what you will need:

Supplies used: Bella! Wedding Paperz, Arcadia Pearl Combo, Bella! Foiled Stickers, Bella! Trims, Bella! Wedding Tokens, Bella! Narratives, Fundamentals Stepper Card, Fundamentals Foiled Sentiment StickerBella! Ribbon Bucklez, Fundamentals Vellum, Bella! Wedding Pearls

Are you ready?  Here we go!

Step 1:  Open up your stepper card and lie it flat onto a self healing mat (I used the 6x6 Stepper Card base).  Get your craft knife and ruler ready.  We are about to make 2 cuts.

Step 2: I used the 6x6 Stepper Card base.  This means that when you open up the card, it measures 6 x18 inches.  You will notice on the first 6 inch square, there is a score line 3 inches in.  We will start measuring from this point.  We will need to make a 12" cut starting at the 3" score mark. You will place your ruler 1 1/2" from the edge and make your 12" cut.

Step 3: You will turn your card 180 degrees and repeat step 2.  Now you will have 2- 12" cuts in your card base.

Step 4:  Now that you have created your 2 cuts, we are ready to score the card.  Do you remember when I said that the first 6" square had a score line 3" into the card base?  We need to create this score on the other side of the card as well.  Using a scoring board or your paper trimmer, score the card at 3".  Now you will have a card base that has 2-12 inch horizontal cuts in it and  the card is scored 3" from each edge. 

Step 5:  Now it's time to start folding your card base.  we will start from the left side and move our way right.  The first 3 inches  of the card base will be left alone.  Next we will move to the next 3" of card.  This is where the cut marks start.  We will not fold the center portion at all, but the top and bottom portion will be folded down at the score line. Now we move onto the 6" score line.  Here we will fold the center portion down (make a mountain fold).  The upper and lower portions were mountain folded previously, so now we will create a valley fold. So now the first 6 inches are folded and prepped. 

Step 6: So thus far, we have the first section of card base ready and it's time to move onto the center section.  There are no additional scores in this section, so the folding is a bit easier.  The top and bottom portion have thus far been mountain, then valley folded.  The next fold for the top and botom areas is a mountain fold.  The center section will be valley folded.  Your first 12" of card are folded and ready.  In the last section of card, we have a score mark 3" in from the end.  You will need to create a valley fold for the upper and bottom portions of the card base at this score line.  The center section will be left as is. 

Step 7:  I know this has been a ton of info and sometimes it's easier to see things visually.  Here is what your card will look like from the top.  If for some reason you have a fold incorrect, no problem.  Check out this photo above and refold accordingly!

Step 8:  Here is a view from the side.  Go ahead and fold up your card. Amazing right!  You can also use a bone folder to make your folds nice and crisp.

PicMonkey Collage-stitching
Step 9:  Now it's time to cut your papers and prep all of your fabulous embellishments.  I stitched around each piece of paper to give a bit of interest (plus I love the look!).   I threaded some of this gorgeous silver velvet trim through the heart shaped Bucklez and wrapped the ribbon around the paper that covers the front of my card.  Next I adhered my papers onto my card.  

PicMonkey Collage-heart
Step 10:  I cut out a piece of chipboard with a heart die (you don't need to buy any fancy chipboard if you don't have any hanging around- you can recycle cereal or cracker boxes, use the backing of an old notepad, etc).  I painted it, inked it, glittered it (because everything is better with glitter) and used one of the beautiful Arcadia pearls as an accent.

PicMonkey Collage-flower
Step 11:Next, I made a flower using the Fundamentals Vellum.  I cut out some layers with a steel rule die.  I used a white pen to add some contrast to the edges of the petals.  After layering the petals, I placed a Bella! Wedding Pearl in the center. 

Now that you have your embellies made, start decorating your card to your hearts delight.  This card is great for a wedding, but you can alter it for any occasion (like Valentine's day in less than a week). 

Hope you give this technique a try and get even more use from your Fundamentals card bases!

Happy Scrapping! 

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