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Studio Sneaks | Caylee Grey

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 21, 2014


Hi All, 


I love a quick glimps [and sometimes a drooling peek] into how others maintain and put there personal stamp on their creative spaces. 

From the tiny teeny inch by inch counter top area to the lush grandeur of a studio be it where ever it is, I wanna see it and ALL-THE-DETAILS!

So if you are like me, you'll enjoy a sneak peek at Caylee's space- she is on an adventure to upsize her space and add some finishing touches in 2014. 


Keep your eyes peeled for a sprinkling of studio sneaks throughout 2014. 

You never know what you'll see in the studio sneaks that will help you to craft a great life.


ECT Leader

ECT-CG-SS-in progress


When we were looking for a new home after spending a year abroad, my only requirement was that it would have a separate room for our books and my craft supplies. I wasn't being fussy, I was just trying to maintain my husband's sanity. 

I am usually a very meticulous person, but when I work on a project the entire room descends into chaos. I needed this room to be hidden from our living area. This picture is a great representation of the way I work.

When working on my Friday Files [reveal on the 25th of April] I chose my photo and base paper first, then brought other paper, tools, and elements that might look good with the paper.

I work as I go along, and I need to see what is available to me in order to use it. The rest of the mayhem is cropped out of the frame, but it's there and now that my project is complete it's waiting for me to put it all away. 



Join us for Caylee's Friday Files reveal on April 25th!


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