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Tell someone they're amazing

by Christine Santos | October 18, 2016
Tell someone they're amazing

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October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this has inspired me to create a pink card dedicated to strong and beautiful women. Here's my Think Pink card:

063 Christine Santos

Fundamentals Materials: Bubblegum Square Cardstock, Rose Square Cardstock, Gelato Butterflies, Gelato Mini Pegs, Friends Sentiment Stickers Bella Materials: True Romantic Papers (Garland; Stripes), Black Foiled Wedding Heart Seal, Pearl Borderlines, Pink Fabric Trim, Pink Heart Sticker, Pearl Heart Sticker, Pink Bella Floral Ruby Rock-It Materials: Bolt Droplets


Here's a quick step by step on how to make the Think Pink card:

1) Trim the Square Bubblegum Cardstock into just under 3.25 inches wide. Trim a piece of the Rose Cardstock into 5.25 inches tall and 3 inches wide and adhere this on top of the Bubblegum card.

2) Trim a piece of the Garland Paper woodgrain print side up into 5 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide. Adhere this on the Rose Cardstock, leaving over 1/8 inch of space of the Rose Cardstock at the bottom.

3) From the left over Rose Cardstock, die cut a doily and trim this in half. Then, adhere the "You Are Amazing" sticker from the Fundamentals Sentiment Sticker Sheet on the left over Rose Cardstock. Fussy cut the edges of the sentiment.


4) Cut out the outlines of some pink flowers from the floral print of the same Garland Paper and position this on top of the woodgrain print, covering the bottom rightmost corner exposing the woodgrain on the top left corner of the card. Then, insert the rose doily under the fussy cut Garland paper, letting a hint of doily peek out. Adhere them both on the card.

5) Adhere another sentiment from the same sticker sheet at the bottom left corner of the Rose Cardstock layer of the card, then build the cluster on top of this sentiment by adding some Pearl Borderline, Pink Fabric Trim, Pink Bella Floral, Heart Seal, Pink Heart Sticker, fussy cut flower from the Stripes paper, Pink Mini Peg, and the remaining fussy cut sentiment.

6) Adhere a couple of fluttering butterflies on the cluster and the top left corner of the card. Trim a strip of pearl from a Heart Pearl Sticker and adhere this in the middle of the top butterfly. You can layer the butterflies on top of each other for a more dimensional look.

Think Pink Card

7) Last but not the least, add some small Pink Droplets from the Bolt collection around the card. Voila!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed my Think Pink card tutorial today. Remember that it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month so let's do our part to support this great cause.

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