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by Carrie Walz | March 19, 2014

Hello RRBF fans, it's Carrie again! I hope you are enjoying all of the creations our talented Design Team have been sharing using the new Fusion lines. When I saw this yellow it just screamed sunshine to me and with this winter we have been having I think it is about time we see some sunshine. I decided to make a cheerful card and coordinating gift bag just to show that someone special you are thinking of them.





After I finished making this cute little gift bag I thought maybe you all would like to know how I created this using one sheet of 12x12 paper. Now keep in mind I did think of this AFTER I already made it so I hope you can follow along without step by step photos. (If you would like photos just comment below and I will get them for you).

Once you chose your 12x12 paper, trim it down to 9x12. Set aside the 3x12 strip you will need it later.

Align your paper on the 9 in. side and score at 5 in. and 7 in.

Turn the paper and score across the 12 in. side at 2 in.

Crease your scores and cut the 5 in. line and the 7 in. line up to the 2 in. score.

Cut your 3x12 strip down to 3x9

Align your paper on the 3 in. side and score down at 1/2 in. and 2 1/2 in. Turn and score at 2 in.

Trim away the outer 1/2" pieces  up to your 2 in. score line.

Apply adhesive to the 1/2 in. strips and attach the sides to your bigger piece.

Fold together and assemble your bag.

Now lightly squeeze together the top putting a crease in your bag. Attach eyelets for your ribbon and decorate.

I hope these made sense and if not please feel free to ask in the comments!

Products used:

- 12x12 Orange Flourish (SKU: 9312271036710)

12x12 Orange Damask (SKU: 9312271036727)

12x12 Orange Floral (SKU: 9312271036734)

A4 Decoupage Pack


Happy Scrapping!



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