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Travel with Flip Flops

by Beckie Dreyer | August 2, 2013

or maybe that should read 'Travel with Thongs'!  

Good morning Ruby Rock-It Fans! 

The hot weather we are having here in Scotland is just amazing and all my crafting has seemed to sway towards summer crafting so I could not resist making this pair of flip flops to hang on a wall.  

Flip Flop Fun

Products Used :

Bella! Mini Theme Paperz Travel - Snippets 

Bella! Mini Theme Paperz Travel - Stamp It 

Bella! Mini Theme Paperz Travel - Embossed Cardstock Stickers 

Bella! Wedding Embellishments - Silver/Clear bling stickers

Bella! Bling - Clear Borderlines


These started as a wooden blank which I bought while in the states ages ago.  After dusting them off I set to work with the Travel Bella! Mini Theme Paperz.  



I find the easiest way to cover things like this is to toally dismantle them so you have seperate sections to work with.  You just ned to remember which order they need to go back on!!

Flip flop close up

The patterned paper in the travel set just reminded me so much of patterns that I have had on pairs of my flip flops.  I add a bit of girliness to them with the Bella! Bling along the straps.

The quote on the front is on the Snippets paper and I just cut it out and and positioned it over the flip flops.

With the left overs I made this wee gift card to go with it!

Mini Card

Hopefully I have inspired you to make something summery with the ranges from Ruby Rock-it!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by

Beckie Dreyer :)

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