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Tuesday Tutorial | Cozy Coffee Decor with Kaka

by Kaka Costa | November 12, 2014
Tuesday Tutorial | Cozy Coffee Decor with Kaka
I'm here today to show how to decorate a can capsules for coffee. I have a coffee maker that works with capsules. I found a can to save them, but it was very simple. So I decided to decorate it with lovely  Contry Cookin collection!

 First I cut the strips of paper to be used. I glued the widest range.
 With the punch edges I stuck the two sides of the flower paper, and then glued the overlapping bands.Then cut out the lace paper and pasted on the can.
 I glued a strip written and pasted with 3D tape on the role chess.  cut and paste Home Sweet Home 3D with tape in the middle of the can. Cook notched the hat and the heart on the writing track.
 I made a tag with glass cafe and prompt tag, sticking one over the other and tied to the side of the can.
 I put my pot of coffee on the side and decided to change the decoration of the cover, inserting the wood cup . I pasted the wood word  and voila! We have a beautiful can to decorate the kitchen and store our capsules.

I hope that you enjoy it!
And for our Australian Fans, if you haven't heard, our Country Cookin and Handi Scandi will be available at Spotlight in early December!

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