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Tuesday Tutorial | Fun with Scraps and Candice!

by Candice Elliott | July 16, 2014
Tuesday Tutorial | Fun with Scraps and Candice!
Hello everyone!
Today we are going to take a look at a
simple tutorial.
I call it Fun With Scraps!
We fellow crafters have loads of unused gorgoeus
paper pieces, embellishments, repurpose packagings and such all
As I was switching my craft room around just
recently I came across so many crafty
items that I didn't want to cut into
another full sheet of paper.
All I needed was right there in my scraps.
We are going to take a look at a few
ideas for those fantastic pieces today!
Here are the selected few that I
pulled out today from my Ruby Rock-It stash.
I find the key to the basic use is
to play, play, and play some more.
There are no set rules in this.
Just start by pulling out pieces that catch your 
eye experimenting with placement and layers.
Here is my first piece that I came up with.
I used packaging from Ruby Rock-It Bella Bucklez to
create a small 3-D tag all from the scraps!
Here is a second creation.
I made a very simple embellishment using
foam squares for lift.
I used my cutting machine to cut out these
gorgeous starburst for a previousl project and was
left with these cut out negative pieces.
I just couldn't throw them away.
So I cut around them to resulting in these wonderful
starburst circles.
Here we can turn these few selected into.....
this wonderful little label in an instant!
This is another example of how those
scrap pieces from cutting machines can be transformed into
a project all its own.
I just used foam squares again to adhere and add
lift perfect for the base of a card.
After I finish using the pieces from above they were 
pretty much gone for the most part!
It feels so wonderful making sure
as much of our product as possible can
be used to still make pretty things!
I would love to see this become a much
larger trend in the near future and
hope that you were inspired to
have fun with your scraps as well!
Thank you!

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