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Tuesday Tutorial | Gift Away with Kaka

by Kaka Costa | September 24, 2014
Tuesday Tutorial | Gift Away with Kaka

Hi everyone! Today I came to show you a way of gifting with style! I decorated a bag of craft paper and will show each step of it!
This is my bag!
Here is all the materials that I used ...
I glued a strip of paper with silvery drops and the edges above and below the strips of paper with triangles.
In the center of the rectangle, I adhered the tag with 3D tape.
 I did the same with the flowers.
Then I separated the tags and decorated the smallest tag using Twinery.
I glued the point of the twinery on the back of the tag with a piece of double sided tape, and was passing the yarn around the tag. Then I glued the small tag on the big tag.
So, I put the small heart on the Twinery with a 3D tape.
I glued the other things and I tied the tags on the bag strap.
 With a double-sided tape, glued four pieces of twinery and finished with two ties.
 My bag!!!!
I hope that you enjoyed it!
Try it now!
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