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Tuesday Tutorial | The art of layering with Shannon

by Shannon Morgan | June 3, 2015
Tuesday Tutorial | The art of layering with Shannon


I'm sharing a tutorial with you today on layering, well, how I do layering. There's no wrong or right way to do layering...and it's kind of an art in it's own right. Layering seems to be overwhelming to people, so hopefully I can shed a little light on it and make it less creepy. Ha!

RRI 6-2 Collage, Shannon M.Shannon Morgan 2-001


1. I began this layout knowing that I wanted to use a large strip of Year in Review, so I adhered that to the top of my card stock base as shown. 

2. The picture is always going to be the highlight, so you can build your layers from the top down...usually people do the reverse, but I find it's easier when you're faced with the permanence of adhesive. I began by adding a corner rounded "tab". I used more of the Year in Review Collection, in fact minus a few embellishments, this whole layout is all about Mackenzie's 5th Grade Graduation, using the Year in Review Collection. I used a piece of washi tape and added a staple.


3. To lighten up the gray and break up the tones, I added a glassine bag. I cut it in pieces, so I would be able to keep one for future use. The picture is 4X6, so the glassine bag is slightly larger than that in size. I'm adhering these layers as I go. 

4. I backed the glassine bag with another complimentary pattern from the collection. (12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review Segment)

5. Next, I'm adding the "tabs" yo see on the right, pictured above. Again this is from the Year in Review  Collection and is a 3X4 size and the corners are rounded. On top of that I am adding a card stock sticker from the collection.

6. In picture 6, I am adding layers to the left. Ok so I snuck a teeny bit of Ruby Rock-It Wedding in there, but it works! I added a torn layer and placed the wood grain on top so it pops. 

7. I cut out the part of the title, and misted it, the paper is part of the Year in Review - (Damask) and the pattern bleeds through perfectly once the mist dries. Set it aside. 

8. This is the part where I'm going to adhere that big layered block down to the card stock and begin all the finishing touches. I adhered the block down as mentioned, adding a card stock sticker on the right, over the wood grain. I also added a ribbon to the bottom torn layer, just a simple bow, nothing fancy. Fancy isn't needed...the amazing papers do the job for you! You'll also notice a banner up at the top. This was created using some more of those awesome card stock stickers along with foam dots. Add a foam dot to the back, to give the banner dimension. If you want a twine "ropey" look, use some clear adhesive. Run a line on top of each pennant. The free flow of the twine will "tell you" where you need to let it lie. You'll also see a strand of pearls, that is just glued down with clear adhesive also, it is another "let it fall where it will" embellishment. 

I'll break out of the collage now and show you the last few finishing touches. 

RRI 6-2, 12, Shannon M. Shannon Morgan 2-001


I added yet another layer using the bracket from Ruby Rock-It's Tag selection. Even though the layers were adhered, there was room to tuck the bracket under. I cut the bracket in half, that way I can use the other half for other projects. I then added another complimentary card stock sticker and journaled some details on it. The title came next, as it was really dry and wouldn't smudge. The title kind of acts like the twine, let it tell you where to place it. It has a heart sticker above the "i", this is a great embellishment that Ruby Rock-It offers as well! The alpha stickers you see are Mackenzie's initials. She has a lofty name and I love to document it when I can. There's sprinkles of sequins. There's also one circle shaped sticker popping off the page like the banner, with a foam square. Added, but not required, are some stitches here and there on the layout.

The last touches I added before calling this layout complete? Some more mist and the number 29 to the calendar bar. Look in the upper right corner. I used coordinating stickers. I also added some more mist, creating an airy feel, which I wanted for this layout. I wanted to  capture how amazing M is in the moments that she thinks we aren't looking. 

Here's the finished layout, thanks for letting me share all of these tips and I hope I've inspired you to create today. ❤

RRI 6-2 Tutorial Post, Shannon M. Amazing MMCM Shannon Morgan 2-001

Ruby Rock-It Used:

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review May

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review Segment

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review Damask

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Accessories

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Etc pack

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Labels

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Mini Alphabets Glittered

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Alphabet

Silver Heart Stickers 20 Pces

Tag Pack Large Scallop 12 pce

Shannon Morgan

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