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Tuesday Tutorial | Vellum fun with Teresa A.

by Teresa Abajo | April 22, 2015
Tuesday Tutorial | Vellum fun with Teresa A.

Hi folks! Teresa A here with my first post as a Ruby Rock-It Creative Team member.

I know lots of people love the idea of vellum, but just aren't sure on how to actually attach it to a project. I mean it's see through, and you certainly don't want the adhesive showing through to the front!

Ruby Rock-It has a beautiful range of vellum printed with silver patterns, and I've used it to create three cards, using three different methods of attachment. You could of course extend these methods to layouts and a range of other projects.

Here's the first card:

Products used:
FNC56 Cardstock White
FV95 Vellum Dots
1435 Die Cut pack
1480 Dimensional Stickers - Something Blue 3D sticker
ADE70 Oriental Chic Floral Blue
1442 Droplets Metallic

For this card, I simply stitched the vellum to the patterned paper underneath. I left a small border of patterned paper peaking out from under the vellum to show the contrast. The thread colour ties in with the embellishments:

For this second card I wrapped the vellum around the main panel:

Products used:
FNC56 Cardstock white
GH51 Get Hitched Floral 12 x 12 paper
FV18 Vellum floral
JA0404 Bella floral yellow
JA5240 Bella Bling with Fabric Trim Gold
KGS41 Kraftastic Sticker

The vellum is attached at the back using double sided tape:

 Here's the third card:

Products Used:
FNC56 Cardstock White
FV32 Vellum Diamonds
JA8678 Butterflies Silver
YRS98 Glitter Alphabet Cardstock Stickers

I cut the vellum piece to size, and laid it in place on the final card. I attached the butterfly and alphabet stickers in place on the vellum, then flipped it over and applied very very small amounts of glue to the back of the embellishments:

I applied glue to the back of the alphabet stickers too, taking care not to allow the glue to be seen:

I hope these ideas help you next time you use vellum. Thanks for looking!

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