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Turquoise & Bronze Beach Necklace

by Melody Gillespie | August 7, 2017
Turquoise & Bronze Beach Necklace

Hi, it’s Melody! Today I have made a turquoise and bronze statement piece. I have been eyeing off these turquoise beads for ages, aren’t they gorgeous (!!!) and I thought a necklace would be just the right way to show them off.

Turquoise goes well with so many colours I thought it might be nice to bring out the beautiful crazing on these beads by arranging them with the bronze. To create this look, I used a good variety of smoothly textured and different shaped turquoise beads combined with a mix of more intricately shaped and patterned bronze spacers.

The different strands of beads I used gave me such a fantastic choice of things to couple with the turquoise but I felt that a simple and straightforward design was the best way to let the beauty of the turquoise shine through. The centrepiece bead that I chose is actually a faceted resin bead and I felt this was a good contrast and a compliment to the turquoise surrounding it. 


When threading this necklace, I started the beadwork from the centre of the design. This allowed me to easily experiment with the positioning of the beads without having to thread and unthread from one end every time I changed my mind!! Also I find it is a great way to try out and compare different pattern ideas on the go.


To allow more versatility in this piece, I added an extender chain at the clasp, so it can now sit just below the throat or midlength above the neckline.


As there are so many different shapes and textures, I did try to bring some balance to this necklace by using small repetitive patterns within the order of the beads. This necklace is deceptively simple - it actually took quite a while to work out this but I think the results are well worth it. It certainly makes a beautifully stylish beachy statement.

The combo of turquoise and bronze is earthy yet vibrant and I just love it! Small variances in pattern or the detail of a bead can have great impact on the overall design of your piece. Make time to play around with different shapes and textures in your beadwork and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can come up with! Happy Beading!

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