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Tutorial: Keep Calm & Scrap On

by Cindy Walker Stevens | June 22, 2013

Hello, Scrappy Friends!

Cindy here today with a quick home decor project to share using Fundamentals Cardmaking supplies.

For this project, I used an old, inexpensive picture frame, vellum, bling, alphas and neutral cardstock (I used black for mine). As you can see, I have a few more embellishments pictured that I didn't use - but that's OK, I am going to save them for another day :)


This frame is several years old (and was quite grungy), so the first step was to clean it up a bit and I gave both sides of the glass a good and throrough wiping.

I next traced the WRONG side of my vellum (I used the damask) and cardstock in pencil and then trimming them down to fit my frame opening. 


Placing the vellum first, the cardstock next (to make the pattern on the vellum show better), I then added the back side to my frame. The rest of the process will take place directly on the glass, which is why I wouldn't reccomend using an expensive or heirloom frame for this project.


I decided on the sentiment for my decor item and then set to work mapping out where all the letters would fit (and praying I could make it work in this little space). I took a quick measurement of my opening and plotted the letters on a grid cutting mat. As you can see, it takes A LOT of the guesswork out of the process. I realized at this point that I wasn't going to be able to fit the whole sentiment on my frame with this size font, so I dug into my stash and found some smaller alphas and set to work 'blinging them up'.


For this step, apply the stickers to a piece of plastic (so you can remove them later). I used a quick adhering liquid adhesive on the top of the sticker, then added glitter (ClearSnap Fool's Gold) and waited for it to dry.


Once the alphas were ready to go, I did a dry run and centered them on my glass top. The next step is the adhesive. Take a deep breath & make sure to have a few Q-tips on hand to wipe away excess glue from your alphas (you WILL have excess glue - trust me!) and the glass surface. Work fast once you start this process.  ** I also had to add additional adhesive to my alpha stickers as the glitter that slides underneath really does a number on the stickiness of them.

Once I was happy with the sentiment placement, I added one final detail to my frame. I punched out a circle of white cardstock (approx. 2"), adhered and backed it with a small piece of black cardstock (trimmed down with small scalloped scissors) and added a bling crown. I added foam adhesive to this and centered it at the top of my frame.


This sassy little decoration has now found a home next to my owl in my scrap room.



Thanks for joining me today!

HUGS & Happy Surfing!


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