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Tutorial - Lined Envelopes

by June Goh | January 18, 2014

Thank you for dropping by today. Ruby Rock-it has many lovely embossed cards so I thought it was only appropriate to create some lined envelopes to match them.

I have prepared a short tutorial to show you how.


1. Grab one envelop from our embossed card set and the paper you plan to line your envelope with. I'm using our lovely velum for this tutorial.

2. Next trace the edge of the flap of the envelope onto your paper. Stop just 1/2 inch from the envelop body.

3. Move your envelop up until the body meets the line you traced of the flap and continue tracing the rest of the envelop making sure you cut the body of the lining a little shorter than the envelop.

4. You should have the outline of the envelop drawn on your lining paper as shown.


5. Cut out your tracing. If you plan to make several linings you might want to trace a template first and use it to draw the shape on each of your patterened paper.


6. All you have to do is glue the lining in place making sure you avoid the lickable part on the envelope flap and you are done. One beautifully lined envelop for your lovely cards.

Hope you had fun today. Do drop by again tomorrow.




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