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TUTORIAL: Paper Doily Popsicles .... with June

by June Goh | April 21, 2013

Hello RRBF fans! June is here today with a quick tutorial for making a paper doily popsicles.


First the supplies you will need:


1. Paper Doilies (the ones I used are around 4.5" in diameter)

2. Wooden sticks or popsicles sticks (these were reused after stiring my coffee over at my local coffee shop)

3. Card Stock

4. Circle punch or glass to draw your circles on the cardstock

5. Therm O Web iCraft Dot and 3D Foam Squares

6. Fundamental CardMaking FD94- A4 Decoupage Pack (SKU: 9312271025394)

7. MN55- Mother Nature Quilling Kit


Now lets get on with the tutorial.


Start with the doily and make a fold almost to the middle of the circle and fold it out again so you have a small fold at the center. Turn the doily 90 degrees clockwise and make another fold.


Now turn your doily 45 degrees clockwise make another set of folds. You should have 3 folds on your doily right now. Make one final turn and make another set of folds so you have a doily with four folds as in the picture above. (Don't worry things get easier from here.)



Punch 2 circles with your punch from the cardstock. Stick one circle onto the stick with iCraft Dots. Add 3D foam dots to the circle and stick on the doily that you just folded.


Stick on the second cardstock circle with more iCraft Dots and you now have your Doily Popsicle. Of course it still look rather plain so we have to embellish it.



Ruby Rock-it has a selection of decoupage images that you can use select from. I love the birds and flowers and picked a few for this project. Simply pop out the images you like and layer them with 3D foam squares.


If you prefer 3D flowers, make one of our flower from the Mother Nature Quilling Kit. Once you have flower all roll up, attach to the popsicle with Therm O Web's 3D Zots. They are really sticky and hold on to the flower very well.


Here are three doily popsicles that I've made. They look pretty as centerpieces and if you leave out the sticks they can even be used as gift tags.

Hope you have been inspired,


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