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TUTORIAL - Spring Wedding Shadow Box Frame using Bella Wedding Papers | Lisa Webb

by Lisa (aka Moonie) | February 21, 2013

I have had this little black shadow box in my cuboard for so long waiting for the right papers to use to create something pretty special.   As I painted it black a year ago, when I saw Bellas Wedding and Fusion papers I knew right away that I was going to use them for this project.


Firstly I measured up the boxes and chose 3 different papers and cut 9 of them to fit the squares.  I also cut 9 coordinating papers for the bottom of each box.   I slotted them in the boxes just to get a good eye on what looked good where.  Next I adhere the bottom papers down. Not the back ones yet. We need to scrap these first.


Next we need to number the back of our squares so we know what paper square belongs to what box so we have them in order while scrapping each square.  Once you have done that.. chose your photos.  I have printed out 2x3 wallet prints and then just cut them down to size.


So now the fun begins.. lets start emellishing our square cut outs. I use double sided foam tape on almost every layout or project.  I love the 3 dimension look.  In my middle left hand square I have added quite a number of flowers and also used the cute as Silver champagne glasses.  Here I have also used the foam tape.  If you have a cute teardrop or something similar it is a nice effect to have drop down in the middle of the box.  But leave this til last.



Make your middle square your statement.  I chose SOUL MATES.  I love this sticker.  Once again I have used double sided foam tape.  Add a decoupage rose to add lovely colour.  Using the white ribbon, thread this though a bling buckle.  Adhere using double sided tape.

For the heart I have cut out a template, covered it using the lovely Bella Wedding Wedded Foil paper. Adhere your white lace (Vintage Chic Ribbon) then over top of that I have added my black trim.  Lastly add a pretty Wedded Organza Brad and Bella Bling Borderlines.  Adhere to the box using double sided foam tape.


I have used Bella Wedding Wedded Foil for the background paper for this square.  Loved the look of this scalloped circle and TOGETHER FOREVER sticker to add to the top of it.  Added Bling Floral strip on top of the silver swirls on the paper. Then added a cute Heart Sticker which are soft and delicate and also another pink organza brad.


The last 4 squares I scrapped I have not done too much on as these are where I have added my photos. 


Just love these beautiful Love Birds.

I think every special project like this that you are going to keep forever needs a title.. 

I thought this was the perfect sticker.  NOW & FOREVER.  I adhered this using the double sided foam tape for dimension again.  Kind of makes its own statement don't you think?  Don't forget to add your jewel teardrop if you have one or something similar.


Thanks for stopping in and taking a look at my tutorial.. It certainly is a special keepsake for you or to make as a gift for someone close to your heart.

Make sure you pop on over to RRBF website and checkout what our other lovely designers have been up to.

Have a great week

Lisa Webb x



A4 Decoupage Pack FD00

Mothers Days Kit - CK49

Bling Floral Strip Clear - BGN41

Bella Wedding - Wedded Foil 

Bella Love Birds - BW22

Cook Floral - CO22

Wedding Card Kit - CK46

Groom Glittered Stickers - BWD29

Black Glittered Florals - BWF50

Wedding Organza Brads - WBB71

Wedding Trim - BWT11

Black Trims - FRN88

Wedding Organza Brads - WBS95

Bella Wedding Wedded Swirl - BWW39

Bella Bling Borderlines - BG41

White Heart Stickers - BW46

Fusion - Sweetie - FUS64

Fusion - Dainty - FUS71

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