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Valentine's Letterbox by Alicia

by Alicia Barry | February 14, 2017
Valentine's Letterbox by Alicia
It's Valentine's Day and while we really don't celebrate it in schools back in Australia, they sure do here in the States! This year will be my first time in class on this holiday so I couldn't resist making something a little bit cute for it. I like to give my kids an opportunity to write notes if they want to report something to me, or just want to chat but don't want to do it out loud. So this will stay on my desk even after Valentines day.
I've always loved these American style mailboxes. Just my luck we don't have one at our current house. I envy the ones I see around the neighbourhood. I found the base at my local Target. It's quite a large one, just made of heavy card, but I have seen lots of metal ones around the place too. 

I've used the Faded Empire for this project, as the colours suited the theme perfectly. I could go with the pink tones but also keep a vintage feel to it.

I used lots of doilies and bling to embellish, plus some Bella! florals of course.  For the doilies, I almost always cut them into two sections so I can make them go a bit further, since I almost always tuck them under something else anyway. I only used two doilies on this entire project, even though it looks like far more. 

Some glittery chipboard letters to finish it off.

This was actually a pretty quick and easy project to put together, surprisingly. I do however want to come back and add a stand to it. It doesn't quite look right just sitting on the desk. I'll probably hit up Home Depot (Bunnings) for a timber chair leg, and just paint and hot glue it on. 
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