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[W] on Wednedsay | June Goh

by June Goh | April 30, 2014

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Welcome back to another session of [W] on Wednesday. These days, practically everyone carries a mobile phone with them. I'm sure we have all taken photographs of the perfect moment only to leave them inside our mobile phones.

One of the push factors for me to make time and scrapbook is to make sure these photo moments are documented. Just the other day my little one finally had his very first milk tooth fall out. It had been wiggling for the longest time but it stay inside for as long as possible. 

Of course the first thing I did was to grab my phone and take a photograph of that fallen tooth. The photograph wasn't perfect. It was taken is a hurry inside our bathroom but it had a story that I wanted to record.



 Once I managed to get the photograph printed the next step was simply to find time to get scrapping. Of course using a coordinated line like our Essence Documentation System makes picking the papers and embelishments a breeze.




 Here are some closeups of the layout:





YRS67 - Seals C/Stock StickerYRS67
YR35 - 12x12 3X4
SE83-Sugar Candy 12x12 Embossed Cardstock - Hexagon
Essence Documenting System - Papers, Sticker, Cards and Stamps
ATL70- At Last 12x12 Cardstock - I Do
FNT11 - Tag Pack 24 pieces - White

************* We will be revealing our new HOME tomorrow!!! ************


Get those precious moments out of your phone and start scrapping!







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