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[W] on Wednesday | Summer Love

by Shannon Morgan | June 25, 2015
[W] on Wednesday | Summer Love



It's so hard to be excited about summer when you live somewhere that is stifling. That same somewhere that if tasks and errands aren't finished before 10:30 am, you may as well forget them and try again the next day. The somewhere that involves getting in pool time before 11:30 am so that sandals don't thickly stick to the pavement as a hasty exit is being made when the pool quickly fills up with crazy people who enjoy baking in the sun like turtles on a log.

Summer. The season where the dogs move from sun spot to sun spot throughout the house because it is too hot to lay outside on the pavement. 

Our sweet dogs love sun, I love them enough to move their bed throughout the kitchen floor and various other locations throughout the downstairs. In the afternoon, close to dinner, they hover around me like a lump of seals...basking in the afternoon sun, eagerly awaiting for me to make my way downstairs to prepare dinner. 

I needed to document this.

RRI 6-15, 1A, Shannon M. Shannon Morgan 2-001 

Ruby Rock-It's Year In Review Collection was perfect for getting this layout created. This collection is so versatile and works well with all kinds of pictures and subjects! Coupled with Ruby Rock-It's Krafty Goodness, it's the perfect mix of elegant and rustic. 

RRI 6-15, 1B, Shannon M.Shannon Morgan 2-001

The photo in this layout, tells the story, lazy dogs in the lazy sun of afternoon. Adding some embellishments from the Year in Review line are a perfect touch. My three lazy dogs are in their favorite place, laying together, napping. They have no desire to be bounding about in the heat of the day!

RRI 6-15, 1E, Shannon M. Shannon Morgan 2-001


Materials Used:

12x12 Krafty Goodness Cardstock Love It

12x12 Krafty Goodness Cardstock Woodgrain

Kraftastic Glitter Sticker 26pce

Kraftastic Aplha Sticker White

Tag Pack Small Scallop 25 pce

Bella Bling with Fabric Trim Black

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review June

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review March

12x12 Double-Sided Cardstock Year in Review May

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Months

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Seals

Year in Review Cardstock Sticker: Etc pack


♥Thanks for letting me share with you!♥

Shannon Morgan



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