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Whimsical Sea-green Glass Necklace and Earrings Set

by Dominique Marando | October 22, 2018
Whimsical Sea-green Glass Necklace and Earrings Set

Hello again, it's Dominique here, with another jewellery creation for Just Bead It. Today, I have been experimenting with a new technique to create a lovely sea-green necklace and matching earrings.

This technique is very simple and easy to apply. Because of it's versatility, you can easily make a variety of jewellery pieces using the same method, but still allow for great differentiation and uniqueness.

Just Bead It products used:

  • JBY18 - sea-green round glass beads
  • JBI31 - metal alloy beads

Additional products used:

  • Silver eyepins
  • Silver lobster clasp
  • Silver extender chain
  • Jewellery pliers (wire-cutters, round nose pliers, and bent nose pliers)
  • Headpins and surgical steel earring hooks for the earrings
Today I am using the JBY18 and JBI31 beads from Just Bead It
    Firstly, to make the necklace, start by threading an eyepin through the first bead, and bending it to a 90 degree angle. Then, trim the pin to roughly a centimetre in length. Next, using round nose pliers, gently curl the eyepin into a tight loop. The finished result should resemble a charm, and have a loop on either end (process shown in pictures). 

    Thread the bead onto the eyepin

    Bend the eyepin to a 90degree angle

    Trim the tail to roughly a centimetre in length

    Curl the tail into a tight loop with round-nose pliers

    Secondly, once you have repeated the steps above to replicate the same design, only with the other type of bead, you can now link the two "charms" together to form the beginning part of the necklace.

    With bent nose pliers (you may use chain nose or flat nose, but I prefer to use bent nose pliers), firmly grasp one side of the loop.
    With a second pair of pliers, grip the other side of the loop and gently twist to open into an "S" shape (avoid opening into a "U").
    Now, simply slide the other "charm" onto the loop, and close the link (process shown in pictures).

    Twist the loop open into an "S" shape

    Attach the open loop onto the other link and gently close back into shape
    It's that easy! Simply repeat the above steps until you have reached the desired necklace length.

    Once you have a nice long chain of beads, you cansimply open a loop on one end of the necklace and attach a silver lobster clasp. Similarly, on the opposite side, open a link and slide on an extender chain.
    Attach a lobster clasp and extender chain to either end once happy with the necklace length
    And voila! A simple, yet effective handmade necklace. Made with the beautiful sea-green and alloy beads from Just Bead It.

    I also decided to make a matching pair of earrings to go with this lovely necklace. I simply placed 2x silver beads and 1x sea-green round bead on a headpin, and curled the end into a loop as usual. Then, simply open the loop and attach to an earring hook. I use surgical steel, hypo-allergenic earring hooks so that they are suitable for sensitive ears.
    Similar to the necklace, except using a headpin this time, bend the wire to a 90degree angle
    Curl the tail of the headpin into a loop

    Simply add an earring hook and the earrings are done!

    I hope you enjoyed this post - if you would like to view more of my designs, I also have an Etsy store called DominiquesWares which features more beaded jewellery.

    You can also follow my Dominique'sWares blog

    Thanks so much for reading - happy beading!

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