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Winter Chill Beaded Neckwear

by Chez Mathieson | June 26, 2017
Winter Chill Beaded Neckwear

Hello this is Chez….. This neckwear has been inspired by the coldness in the air at different parts of the day and night. I have had a world of fun playing with these beads. This piece is made using a Herringbone base, tendrils and adding bling in a freeform manner.




JBI59 Alloy Bead Strand, JBI18 Seed Bead Hank,

JBI01 Seed Bead Hank, JBI32 Seed Bead Hank,

JBQ77 Glass Bead Strand, JBX82 Glass Bead Strand,

JBQ41 Glass Bead Strand, JBQ33 Glass Seed Bead Hank, JBQ83 Glass Bead Strand, JBQ90 Glass Bead Strand, JBI55 Alloy Bead Strand,JBQ03 Glass Bead Strand.



Here I am only going to give a bit of a brief on the creation of this neckwear. As mentioned above we are using Herringbone.  The start is expressed in the images below.







It is now time to make the Tendrils.



The below images show how-to do some of the bling/embellishments. Encrusing the top section of the Herringbone neckwear.




Now is the time to add 2 more Herringbone Drop sections. The next series of images takes you through how this has been achieved.

The above image is the joining section. From here you come back to the last seed bead and start the next Herringbone section.


The above image is the Herringbone section completed and the fringing has been started.


The above images are progress shots of the tendrils that were created for the centre section.


Here is the three Herringbone sections all beaded together ready to do the strap. I have left some of the encrusting on the Herringbone to last just cause I can… ;)

 The neck strap is next. 

This is the basis for the strap. It is a 2 bead Ladder Stitch. The next few steps will make it sing.



Now that the strap is completed it is time for the closure.


I hope that you are inspired to give some freeform beading a go… Have I told you how much I love to bead? I REALLY AM LOVING CREATING WITH JUST BEAD IT….. till next time HAPPY BEADING. 

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