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Beaded Knitted Bag

by Chez Mathieson | November 13, 2017
Beaded Knitted Bag

Greetings everyone.  I am delighted to share my latest project in the Gift series. This bag was knitted then embellished with Just Bead It Seed beads and a strand from the JBH series. This was a quick and fun project that is just perfect for that "hard to buy for" person (and lets face it, we all have one of those in our family!) Hope you all have as much fun as I did making this adorable knitted bag.



JBH89  Clear Glass Bead Strand 

6/0 Glass Seed Beads Matt Amethyst

8/0 Glass Seed Beads White Lustre

12/0 2Cut Glass Seed Beads Metallic Gold

Thread, needle, Knitting needles and wool 8ply.

(The dimensions of this project are 15cm long by 12cm wide. This bag can expand to 19cm long.)


Cast on 47 stitches and knit 40 rows all in Garter stitch. Cast off all stitches. From the short edge of your knitted piece pick up 20 stitches and do one side like the image below all in Stocking stitch. Do the same on the other short side but decrease at both ends every second row to get the point required.


Stitch the sides together to form the bag. Stitch in all threads so your bag is ready to be beautified.


The above images show the workings of the completed bag and the beginning of the embellishments.  I start with a line of beads which was added to define the pattern, when the bag is completed the first row blends with the created pattern.

The above image shows the vertical row that was used to create the pattern. All the rows on the bags body was completed with vertical rows of beading.

The following set of images show how to do the flower on the pointed part of the knitting.

The above image shows the bead order to thread on to form the flower.


This first image shows the seven points for the flower. The second image is showing the joining of the seven gold beads to form the body of the flower.


The above image is showing the attaching to the knitted base. The second image is showing the start of the flower centre. The following images show how the flower centre was created.



This above image is the completed flower and centre.

The following images show the stem being created with flower buds. 

The first image shows seven beads threaded on and you come back through to hold and reinforce. You add more beads to the stem to make it to length.



The images show some of the working of the stem and buds. When you come out one side of the base bead, you will need to come in the other side of the bead to make it sit nicely.



The above images show how to create the toggle section for the closure. It is a flutter-by and it is secured to the pointy end of the knitting.


The above images show how to make a Herringbone strip with ring, this comes off one of the beads in the vertical embellishments on the body of the bag.

Here is the completed bag.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun project. If you can’t knit then use fabric if you want to but it will have to have a lot more parts... the point is to have fun in all mediums that you love... I so love to combine beads with everything... Happy Beading!

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