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Butterfly Dreaming Neckwear

by Chez Mathieson | December 25, 2017
Butterfly Dreaming Neckwear

Hi it's Chez on the blog and I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas day with your family and friends.  Today I would like to share this beautiful turquoise neckwear I call Butterfly Dreaming featuring the JBH beading range from Just Bead-It.


JBH27, Plastic Bead Strand 8"

JBH28, Wagnerite Bead Strand 8"

JBH35, Wagnerite Bead Strand 8"

JBH42, Wagnerite Bead Strand 8"

JBH49, Zinc Alloy Bead Strand 8"

JBH98. Wagnerite Butterfly Bead Strand 8"

Stainless steel wire 0.032 and 0.025.


Cut wire to a length longer than required. Set up some of your beads in a pattern for easier and quicker threading.


This set of images shows the steps involved with making a loop. The loop is made using wire and round nose pliers. Do this at the bottom of all the wire you have cut.

The above 2 images show the next step in this project. Stringing onto the wire in pattern.

In this image I used the thinner wire as the connection. To achieve this I placed the central beads on the thinner wire, then placed the butterfly strands into position.



The above images show how to do a spiral in wire with your round nose pliers. After the first turn of your wire I place it on my finger so I can control the wire. I use a pair of rubber nose pliers to complete the spiral. I use this method so I don’t mark the wire with metal pliers. The last image is a shot of how to cut your wire safely. Always remember to hold either side of where you intend to cut.  

This image shows the antenna completed. Measure out your wire to have an even amount on each side. Now fold your wire in the middle.  Take the end of your wire and do a small wire wrap around the top of the last bead on the thinner wire. Grab a hold of the end of the first antenna and begin to twist, when you have enough spins on this side do the same on the opposite side. 

The image above shows the joining of the ends of the butterfly. To finish the ends of your wire use a loop. With your newly created loop bend your wire up in an arch till the wire loop touches the row above. Use your loop and attach to the above row with a pair of bent nose pliers. Just like opening and closing a jump ring.


The above images show before and after attachment. The next step is to create the clasp or closure so one can wear it.


The above images give you a set by step visual guide to completing the closure.

The image below shows what the closure looks like when it is completed. You bend the ends over to create the hook ends on the toggle section. Create a ring in wire on the other end and wire wrap close to the neckwear side. 

Now your neckwear is ready to wear.

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  See you all in 2018.  Happy Beading!

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