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Essence Creative Team | Friday Files | Time with Caylee

by Caylee Grey | August 16, 2014
Essence Creative Team | Friday Files | Time with Caylee

Welcome to another friday file segment- they come around quickly. Each of the ECT segment posts have a unique focus; friday files focus on theme and a template- should you wish to follow along. The theme for August is TIME and the template can be found on here.

Caylee has been spending time with this adorable little fella. To see how Caylee has been spending her time, visit her blog, you will see she has been using her time to craft a great life.



Oh how I love Friday Files. They take all the guesswork out of documenting a memory so that you can just focus on the memory itself.

For the theme this month I really had no choice but to focus it on our little puppy. He is becoming a fully grown dog and I love how his personality has come out. Sometimes time is essential in growing someone (even tiny dogs).

I'm still quite worried about that if I am this crazy about our little puppy then I am going to become rather obsessive about documenting if/when I have a human child.

Time has turned you into the sweetest little fluff bundle.

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