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Father's Day Bag Book

by Teresa Horner | June 1, 2018
Father's Day Bag Book

It's almost Father's Day in a couple of weeks so today i have a fun and easy project to share that your kids can make for their dads this year.  It's a Father's day bag book and you can fill it with pictures of all the kids and special messages in the pocket part of the bags to let them know how special they are to your family.  I made mine for my nephew who has 2 young kids and i am going to have them do handprints and put lots of pictures of them from this past year.  It is easy to make and it's not pricey either.  Keep reading for a simple how to....
For this project you are going to need 4-5 small lunch bags.  You will also need 2 sheets of each of the new Bella! "Family Man" papers.  There are lots of coordinating prints for this set so it makes doing this bag book a snap.  And you will also need some black and ivory card, adhesives, metal rings, black photo corners and a crop a dile for punching the holes in the bags and the outside cover.

First thing you need the kids to do is to fold each of the bags in half.  Use a pencil and measure equal distance from both ends and punch holes in each of the bags.  Set aside.  To make the outside cover fold the paper over the book and mark 1inch past the book sides.  Measure up 1/2" and below 1/2".  Then you can make another fold 1/2 inch on each of the ends by the fold to make the end square to fit over the paper bags.  When you have finished the book part add the rings so that you can get ready to decorate the inside.  Now trim apart all the tags with scissors or a paper trimmer.  This is a great time to teach your kids how to use one because with enough practice they will make great projects on their own in school.  It will make them very proud to do it on their own.

For the inside cut 2 more smaller pieces of the wood paper for the inside front and back and glue them down.  Re-punch the holes if needed.  Cut squares of the paper to cover the inside pages of the bags and teach your kids how to mat the tags to make them stand out more like the page you see above.  (There are more ideas as you scroll down)

For the pictures i cut pieces of the plaid patterned paper and added the ivory card with black photo corners.  This way you can take the pictures and just slip them in the corners and they will already have a mat around them.  Glue if necessary when adding the pictures.  
On the open bag part of the book you can cut small pieces of ivory paper to add messages or poems or fun pictures that the kids drew for their dad's very special day.  It's a really fun project that just teaches basic cutting and gluing and you can add fun extras like buttons and other things you have around the house.

** Special note about adhesives... be sure and get your kids a product that will work easy and stay so that they don't get frustrated.  Double stick tapes work good and so does a good liquid adhesive like Scotch Quick Dry tacky glue.  It dries really quick and it's washable so that part I love.  Teaching them young on how to use products will be great for them for the future.

There are so many cute tags in this set and it would really make a great gift for a dad in your life!!  Finish the book by adding twine or ribbon and extra tags or just keep it simple with the rings.
Thanks so much for stopping by today and have fun making these with your kids and enjoy your weekend!

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