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Father's Day Inspiration

by Donna Baxter | August 31, 2018
Father's Day Inspiration

This Sunday is Father's Day here in Australia and we thought we'd compile a few of our favourite Father's Day projects to help inspire you......  

Say Happy Father's day with a little Bling by Alicia Barry

Who says you can't use bling for a masculine card?  We all know that Dads are not into the florals and frills like us Mums, but I still wanted to make some use of Bella! bling this month, while creating a masculine card. To achieve this I have used black rhinestones. They make a bold statement on a male card without all the glitz and sparkle. You'll also notice that I chose a geometric shape rather than a floral flourish. 

Men's Beaded Bracelets by Melody Gillespie

If you're a keen beader, men’s jewellery has become so popular and a handmade gift is the best kind to give!  Quite versatile, this set can be worn separately or all together. The sheen of the metallic beads is a sleek and stylish feature of these bracelets - this design is minimalist and simple with a single statement bead which will look great worn at either the centre or off to the side of the wrist!

Father's Day Bag Book by Teresa Horner

This is a fun and easy project to share that your kids can make for their dads this year.  It's a Father's day bag book and you can fill it with pictures of all the kids and special messages in the pocket part of the bags to let them know how special they are to your family.   It is easy to make and it's not pricey either. 


My Dad the Family Man by Christine Santos

My family love this time of the year as we honor dad, and what better way to express this by creating a Father's Day card made from the heart.

Also earlier this year you may recall that we launched our Family Man mini theme which are just the perfect papers for creating masculine themed projects.  

And of course, for those gorgeous little men in our lives, we created Little Prince, Little Man and Baby Boy.   

Bella! Coast, French Country and Doodles are all popular choices for masculine themes. Whether it is a nautical project, the wild west or even a sporting event, these papers will make your page come alive!

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