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Friday Files | May | Mira

by Erin Yamabe | May 24, 2014
Friday Files | May | Mira



Welcome back to another edition of the essence Friday Files. 
The cheerful spin Mira places on the many roles she plays from home to her home away from home, captures the demands and beauty we call life. 
Thanks for sharing your everyday with us this week. 
How are you going with your friday Files? Are you crafting a great life?

Wife, scrapper, GIS specialist, student, rebel


This is 2014 and if someone would ask me how old i am I would answer: I don't know!

Let me count.

After three times without any confidence i'll probably answer: 26.

If someone would ask: who are You?

I wouldn't answer at all.


I'm married. Wife and crazy scrapbooking maniac. I can not imagine my day without paper and scissors.

I can not imagine a month without buying new scrap products.

There's no a week without going through the entire list of my favorite scrap blogs.

Crazy addiction - i know. Crazy lifestyle.


Wife, Scraper, and full-time employee and what is more: PhD student at the University of Wroclaw.

My days begin with the problem: What? is this really morning? Do I have to get up? nooooo!

and when it finally happens I am running to work. From work straight to the University and after school I just want to watch Desperate Housewifes and create layouts.

Previously, some afternoons were also filled with climbing. But currently - I am 100% lazy.


I don't know if i like it or not - that's why i can call myself a rebel. Especially these days... but but but! I already have a plan how can it change! We'll see what happens.


But maybe before I save my own hapiness, I'll start saving all the world. Especially people missing in the mountains. This is the topic of my PhD - bright light at the end of the tunnel called life. I believe this is what makes my life meaningful.


I constantly tell myself: Slow down! and i wonder when exactly i'll listen to this voice...

Yep. This is me.










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